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Pneumatic Door Actuators

Product Features

bulletFinally, an economical pneumatic actuator!
bulletQuality Parker Sub-components
bulletOff-the-shelf replacements parts readily available worldwide
bulletUnparalleled reliability
bulletLow-profile design
bulletPowder-coated base plate
bulletPlated push rods
bulletPermanently lubricated pivot points

Harmony of Movement

bulletOur design produces completely perpendicular door opening--always.
bulletForward door opens first and closes last--always.
bulletNo need to rely on spring-loaded push-pull rods--ever.

Secure Closing

bulletOur design ensure an unequalled, strong closing.
bulletThe actuator will reliably hold the door shut, even at highway speeds.


bulletThe reliability of the design,
bullettogether with the ease-of-access,
bulletand the documentation tools we provide,
bulletwork together to create unparalleled serviceability. 


Minimal periodic maintenance of this product is recommended.  The frequency varies, of course, by climate and use.  Periodically inspect the entire mechanism.

As a rule, lubricate all moving parts on a semi-annual basis using a white, lithium, aerosol grease.

Support Documentation

bulletExploded Parts View
bulletParts Lists
bulletAssembly & Rigging Instructions



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